Fredrik Brattstig

VirtualBrat @ Igel

With over 20 years of experience within the VDI/Remote Apps and Desktops niche, Fredrik lives by the mantra of providing High End User Experience. His heart warms up really quick with solutions realeted to advanced graphics.

Fredrik is employed at IGEL Technology as a Senior Presale Engineer, Technology Evangelist and Manager Presales Engineering for Northern Europe. One of his responsibilities at IGEL Technology is designing and building demos of high-end multimedia in the world of Remote graphics, where the primary focus is to provide extreme user experiences. Recent projects have been about gaming, 3D modelling, CAD and Virtual Reality in the world of IGEL OS, Remote Sessions powered by Nvidia. Fredrik is also very active in the IGEL Community discussing technologies and providing hints on how to solve issues.  He sees a great benefit of communities, as this is a good way to spread knowledge, get input from participants using products you love working with, and finally, a good way to increase your global personal network.

On the certification side the history contains a bunch of MCSE and CCE certifications.